About The Downtown

Downtown is the Heart of the City of Pembroke.

Located in Renfrew County’s business district, Downtown Pembroke welcomes people to more than 150 businesses that range from authentic cultural food to unique shops and professional services. Downtown Pembroke welcomes the spirit of entrepreneurship from business owners that have been at the core of main street to new owners who are thriving with new and creative ideas.

What is a Business Improvement Area?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an association of business people within a specified district who join together, with official approval of the City, to stimulate local business. This association works to draw more customers to the area by investing in attractiveness and promotion.

The Pembroke BIA was established in 1976. Bethea Summers is the Manager of the BIA, which is governed by a Board of Directors. The BIA runs co-operative marketing programs, organizes beautification initiatives and serves the  members with support on planning and development opportunities.

The Pembroke BIA is a member of the Ontario Business Improvement Area Association and Ottawa Valley Tourist Association. In addition, the BIA is an active participant in many community initiatives with partners that contribute to a great quality of life in the region.

The Benefits of a BIA

Here are some of the things that businesses in the BIA area enjoy as benefits to their membership:

  • Representation at municipal and regional levels on issues of importance
  • Someone to advocate on their behalf to support improvements in the region of their business
  • Beautification efforts to increase seasonal attractiveness of the Downtown
  • Group advertising initiatives that allow businesses to benefit from key promotion at a reduced price
  • Professional development and introduction of new ideas to benefit member businesses

The Pembroke BIA also produces a member-focused newsletter with marketing ideas and opportunities for joint promotional initiatives that are forthcoming, as well as recognizing achievements of fellow members.

Meet Bethea Summers: Pembroke BIA Manager

Bethea is the Manager of the Pembroke BIA.

Bethea has been in the position since 2019, coordinating events in the Downtown while also managing the business matters facing BIA members. Bethea serves as the spokesperson for the BIA and reports to the Board of Directors.

Bethea took over the role of manager in June 2019 after holding the position of Pembroke BIA Facilitator since April 2018. Her knowledge of the community and the connections she has with numerous businesses and community members makes her a perfect fit for the role of manager.

Bethea is also involved in the community through her volunteer work as a member of both the Pembroke Public Library board and the Parks and Recreation Advisory board.